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iceScrum Agile Tool on OpenShift

publiziert am 06. 06. 2019 um 11:02

Many years ago, as not so many people were talking about Scrum and agile, the élégant french iceScrum came to my way. Actually, using this tool learend me how Scrum works - as it is incredibly intuitive and guides the user in an unique way.
That’s why I decided to show how to deploy its OpenSource Version, in form of a DockerImage on an OpenShift Cluster.


Installation on OpenShift

create a new OpenShift Project with name e.g. icescrum

Optional: if OpenShift complains something about root rights needed for the container, run:

oc adm policy add-scc-to-user anyuid -z default -n icescrum --as system:admin

Do this only if needed.

Then, in the App Console, deploy the image: icescrum/icescrum

Create a Storage and then, in the Deployment Config, mount it on /root of the Container.

Redeploy the Deployment Config.

Expose Port 8080 of the Pod to a Service:

oc expose dc/icescrum --port=8080

Expose the Service to a Route:

oc expose service/icescrum

iceScrum on OpenShift

The App is now ready on http:(route-url)/icescrum.
Run the Wizard, and you are ready.

Voilà. Élégance française.

iceScrum on OpenShift

Of course, we could do a OpenShift template for this all…

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