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My watchOS 10 Wishlist

publiziert am 05. 06. 2023 um 06:05

Finally I also have this nice little gadget - it was hard, as a descendant of a family of a traditionnal swiss watchmaker valley, the Val-de-Ruz / Neuchâtel, to buy one. At least the material follows the tradition: Titanium and saphire glass.
I opted for Apple, as I am a big Apple fan since 1987 - but - oh! The software!! What did Apple do the last 9 years? Really? Missing such basic stuff? Because todady is WWDC I decided to write my wishlist for watchOS 10 and see what will be fullfilled - just for fun. meine Uhr

watchOS 10 Wishlist

After the presentation of watchOS 10 yesterday, I updated my wishlist with «fullfillments». I am sad - just 2 were partially fullfilled.


Whish Fullfilled?
missing sport: inline skating, longboarding, rope-skipping (hey, it’s not sooo uncommon)
hey, dear americans: biking is not just «training»! It is a way of transport like walking and stairs climbed and should be tracked automatically (a company of facebook could do this 10 years ago - so… please)
the heart zone colours have no meaning. The should display aerobe, etc.
it should calculate a human battery/stress level, as Garmin does it.
the segments of a training should be displayed in the activity app.
the trainings should display a map on the watch itself, not just when you run the same way every time
the colors on the activity app should be configurable.
hikings should be plannable with GPX files or similar and display elevation ahead 🟠 adding trails in Compass - but this is very limited
really? there is no drink tracking. I had to code it myself with short actions. At least this was fun.


Whish Fullfilled?
Apple Maps are completely useless for outdoor. The «Ultra» is an outdoor watch, right? Pluggable Map providers would be cool, e.g. the Swiss Topographic Institute. 🟠 adding Topographic Maps in USA 🇺🇸, hopefully soon in Switzerland 🇨🇭
or: as Apple is one of the richest companies in the world, they could sponsor a OpenStreetMap Tile server and integrate it.

Caption: Apple Maps vs. Swiss Topographic Map.

usesless Maps


Sleep Tracking is almost useless… Beddit 7 years ago could do much more, and it was even acquired by Apple. So what the…?

Whish Fullfilled?
Sleep tracking should not be dependent on a sleep plan.
When I charge my whatch during «slow down phase», it should not count this as deep sleep.
It should track if I sleep longer than planned…
It should detect snoring either with iPhone or Watch microphone
It should track naps during the day.


Whish Fullfilled?
Bike Blinker: When in Bike mode (deceted automatically, see above) and I make a left turning sign, the Watch should blink orange with full power.
GarageBand light: Tuner and metronome
The «Ultra» has a nice orange button. Please do more with it!

Wish fullfilled?

So, I am very curious for tonight!
I will fill out the table tomorrow.

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